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Audience – Who and where are you?

If you are reading this blog post from outside of the Lytham Hall Park, please spare one moment to leave the pupils a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Once approved, each comment will be shown to the pupils and they will be encouraged to reply to you. This will really help the pupils understand that there is a genuine audience out there to write for.

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Enterprise Day



On Monday, the Young Enterprise team held a Chocolate day for Year 4. The children had to design, market and sell their chocolate to retailers such as Tesco and Asda. The children learnt a lot, and most importantly had a blast! We have some budding entrepreneurs in Year 4 I think!

London Theatre

On bank holiday Monday, me and my cousins went to the ”London Dance Theatre,” where we watched an international routine from the next step dance studio. We were quite lucky, because we got to sit in the 5th line, so we got a pretty good view and we got to see exactly where they went wrong, but they didn’t make any mistakes and we all enjoyed it very much.

They were competing against there rival team, but did really well. The next step came in second place for hip hop. All off the people were really excited to see their dance, especially me.




We had fun in English this morning, looking at holiday brochures. We have been thinking about how language is used to persuade, and we were deciding which brochure had persuaded us to visit their destination.

We especially liked the phrase..

“Allow your toes to sink into the white grains of sand, and cool off In the crystal clear ocean.”

Forest school

On Wednesday 25th of May, 4P (group 2) had lots of fun at forest school Summer Lucy Alice and Aleesha painted some bird stands, which were all very bright and colorful. Meanwhile, James and Felix helped with the Beetle house. After that, Izzy T Grace and Morgan painted some cool ladybird houses. We can’t wait for next week!

By Summer






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On Tuesday 24th May, year 4 park went outside on the field on a mini beast hunt to find some mini beasts. I really enjoyed looking around and collecting different mini beasts.

By Shashank Sood

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I’m nine!

On my birthday, all my family came round I got a lot of gifts and lots of money. I got some sunglasses, a zuca bag, which you put your ice skates in, and I also got a lot of chocolate and sweets. I loved all my gifts . Before my birthday, I had a birthday party, where all my friends came and it was a catwalk. I really  liked it . Then we had cake yummy it was the best day ever!


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My clubs

I have  a number of clubs but there’s one I really like. Here are some tips if you want to join diving:

Firstly, you have to listen to all instructions, because there are hazards, such as you could do a belly flop  which is dangerous.

The most important thing is to have fun.

If you want to go to the classes, it is at st Annes swimming baths.

Hope you enjoy my post.


Football Facts!

  1. United have spent more money in last 2 years than Leicester in 132 years.

2. Jamie Vardy used to play for  Fleetwood when they played non- league football.

3. Harry Kane is currently the Premier League’s top scorer.

4. Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez was given player of the season award.

5. Dele Alli was given young player of the year award.



The jungle book/our weekend!

Hello everyone. WARNING! If you have  not yet seen the jungle book the new movie, then you might not want to read this text, because it will involve a bit of the story.

On bank holiday Monday the 2nd of May, Me,Lucy,my dad,Grace,Joe and Leslie all went to the cinema to see the jungle book. We love going to the cinema so we got over excited and we ate all of our popcorn in the advertising bits. Anyway back to the story. It is about a boy called Mogli and he is a man cub. He lives in the jungle, but he does not live with the humans instead Mogli lives with the wolves. Anyway, after the movie, we went home and went to bed, because it was late.

By Ella and Lucy

forest school week 1!

On Wednesday the 27th of April, half of 4 park went on to the fields to do their first forest school lesson, all about senses. The first thing they did was discussing the important rules, in a circle. The first activity was a game where you put your nose on to the edge of a mirror and look into it while the other person guides you round, in a circle. This was a fun and scary game and everyone enjoyed it. The second activity was all about touch. We had blindfolds on, and our partners guided us to a tree, but we couldn’t see what tree it was instead we had to feel the tree. After that, our partner guided us to the starting position and we had to guess what tree it was, by feeling the tree’s and seeing if it felt different. The third activity was where you were blindfolded, again, and you followed a rope, with your hands. The blue rope was wrapped round the tree’s trunk, and our partners guided us round them, but we had to keep hold of the blue rope. This was tricky, because we had to keep swapping sides.The fourth activity was, collecting lots of nature like leaves or other things and putting them all in a little plastic cup. Which, at the end, we got to smell, and we got to name them. After all of that most of us got thirsty, and we had a quick drink of sparkling water. Finally the last activity! If you wanted to, you could get clear tape and wrap it round your wrist, with the sticky side outwards. You had to stick lots and lots of things on the tape and you would have to cover it completely with leaves, flowers, twigs and lots of other things.

I hope everyone enjoyed/enjoys forest school!

By Tallulah and Ella

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Swimming lessons in school!

Every Wednesday at school, year 4 get on a coach  to go to YMCA swimming pool. The teacher is called Graham, and the other teacher is called Nicola .There are two groups, group one and group two.  Nicola is the teacher for group one. Graham is the teacher of group two. Us two, (Ella and Lucy) are in group one. At the end of  each lesson,  group one do some things where you do the starfish and things like floating. This is what we do every Wednesday!

By Ella and Lucy!

Maths Games Online


Here is a link for a good times table game we play in school. It asks quickfire multiplication and division questions, which is useful for anyone working towards their bronze or silver.


Leave a comment giving a review of the game.

My birthday! By Finlay

On Sunday the 24 of April, it was my birthday. I woke up to see my little sister leaning on my comfy bed. Then, I jumped up and swiftly went down stairs, wondering what will be in the amazing presents. First, I opened a present like a tornado. I could see a glass screen. I pulled a bit more off. My heart filled with joy, because I got a iPad. Later on that day, I went to Thornton bowling. It was very fun, because I got the highest score in every match. My best was 115. Altogether, I got a total of 65 pounds of my friends, and all together I got 225 pounds. It was the best day of my life.





Every Friday, some of year 4 park go to choir to learn lots of new songs. Each week every one learns actions to them. The most fun part about choir is that you get to go to lots of competitions and concerts. We are very lucky to have one of the best choir teachers in this school, she is called Mrs Fraser. She is a very good at singing, that is why she is the best choir teacher ever. If  you go to choir you have to order your lunch, if you are on hot school dinners. So that means you get to have what you want and you know that know one will have what you ordered. Even though you have to wait for your lunch, it is still worth it. I go there every week, and I find it very fun, so I really recommend going.


Review for Charlie and the Chocolate factory

On 29th April, year 4 park had a lovely treat, we watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Miss Singleton decided that we should watch the first one. I am really enjoying it so far, but we haven’t seen much of it so far. Right now we have seen Augustus Gloop and Verruca Salt.

I like the part where Augustus’s dad, Mr Gloop was meant to say something about the golden ticket, but he decided to eat the microphone. I also like the part where the sweet shop owner gave all the school children every sweet in the shop like: Snozzberries, Wonka Bars, and Gobstoppers.


Summer : When grandpa Joe starts to dance with joy because Charlie finds a golden ticket.

Bethan : Where they go into the room where everything is made out of sweets and chocolate.

Poppy : The oopma loompa dance.

I am watching the part where the factory gates open and Charlie’s grandpa is dancing, as they are so happy and like normal Verruca Salt is being arrogant and Cocky. If I were at the factory it would be so different, because I would have to have a nibble at everything.

I hope you decide to read or watch the film











Your A Bad Man Mr Gum

Your a bad man Mr gum is a book written by Andy Stanton and illustrated by David Tazzyman.

Here is the first page of the book, it is very funny but a bit gross :

Mr gum was a fierce old man with a red beard and two bloodshot eyes that stared out at you like an octopus curled up in a bad cave. He was a complete horror who hates: Children, Animals, Fun and corn on the cob. What he did like was snoozing in bed all day, being lonely and scrowling at things.

It is a 5.4 book from the school book shelf and I recommend it for those of you who like adventures or who don’t like reading small words, like me. I rate this book 9/10.

























The lost cat

There once was a cat called ginger, who always was up to mischief. He would mess up the washing, have mud on his paws, stand on the brand new clothes and eat all of the dinner. One day, he went outside and he begged a person for food. He heard his owners shout him.

“Ginger Ginger,” said the owners.

“Meow meow meow meow, “cried Ginger. He couldn’t find his house. He looked everywhere, but no sign where the sound came from. Overnight, he lay down in the streets, because he couldn’t find his home. 6 weeks later he went home and…

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Charlie and the chocolate factory

on Friday 29th of April y4p watched charlie and the chocolate factory.

My favorite part was when Augustus Gloop fell in the chocolate water.

This is some of the classes favorite parts:

Tamzin :The oompa loompa dance

Shashank : The song Ive got a golden ticket

Poppy: When they see the oompa loompa’s first come on the screen.

This movie is very funny, and i recommend this for everyone.

Thank you for reading.

By Summer

How will it end?

The journey

Frantically, Lewis and Lilly sprinted right off to the gloomy woods. “Mum were just heading off to…to-” Lilly paused.

“The swings!” Yelled Lewis.”Of course.” With a spring in there step,the two of them sneakily strolled passed the swings, passed the slide even passed the telephone box. Where were they heading off to…? “Follow me,” Lilly whispered in hope that Lewis heard her. “AHH!” Went a booming, loud voice echoing through the woods like lightning had just stroke. Lilly took a sharp turn and looked over her shoulder to see Lewis. “It was probably just some type of animal,” Lilly thought to herself with a sigh. Swiftly, she carried on with her journey through the woods, which she had been at for a long, long while. “So Lewis we are nearly back at home.” There was no reply. “Which is a good thing,” she added. Looking back, once again, she noticed Lewis had gone. She kept on strolling forward, while putting up with the guilt she had left the poor boy all alone in the forest. Just at that moment there was a huge beam of light. was this the entrance? She sprinted right out. When suddenly…


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Weekend Fun

My Weekend

On Friday 21st of April, I was super excited, because my youngest cousin was coming to our house that night. At 10:30pm, Erin arrived and I was fast asleep …. but she woke me up! I was really, really, really tired, she however was not tired! We got to bed at about 2:00am and the next day I was super tired but I managed to stay awake all day. In the morning, we decided to do the Bean Boozled Challenge with Erin, but once we had done it we both felt sick! So we decided that we would play ‘Guess Who’ but unfortunately Erin had to go back to Broxbourne. When she went, I packed my bag and set off to my Dad’s house.

By Ella👩🏼😀


Ice skating

On Saturday 22nd April 2016,  I passed my three jump in ice skating.  I was so happy, because my Mum said she would get me heelys. If you don’t know what heelys are they are shoes with wheels. After a while, I went to the rugby club and played with  my friend Bella for a while. Then went to a party. At the party, we made a chocolate bar out of Nutella. Finally, I had a sleepover at Bella’s house we watched three movies then we went to sleep.